Adding new users to Optii Service and Chat?

Let's look at how to invite your Team Members to Optii Service and Chat

Adding New Users

  • From within 'Settings', under 'User Management', you'll have the option to import a bulk list of Team Members using the 'Import Users' option, or you may invite users individually.

  •  If you choose to invite users individually, complete the information in the pop-up form.
  • An email address is a mandatory field as this is how the user will receive their invitation.
  • If the Team Member works in more than one department or job role, ensure that you add each of their positions for scheduling and task assignment purposes.
  • You'll have the option to send the invite now or delay it until later.
  • If your Team Member needs help, or cannot access their email, you can create a quick access code and help them quickly create a user profile. 




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