Optii Housekeeping Release Notes - October 2022, Version 2.0.25

This release contains our new Optii Housekeeping solution, Optii Lite.

1. Introducing Optii Lite
2. Enhancement for the management of component rooms
3. Punjabi and Portuguese now available in the Optii Housekeeping App

Introducing Optii Lite

The newest feature of Optii Housekeeping is Optii Lite - our solution for hotels without a PMS interface with Optii. With Optii Lite at your property, users will have all of the great features of Optii, including digital, live housekeeping assignments, automated workflows, efficient operations, and more, now without the requirement of a PMS interface. 

Properties with Optii Lite will manage their rooms’ occupancy in Optii through an easy-to-learn user interface. When a guest arrives or as a part of the end-of-day processes, a user will check-in the guest in Optii, indicate whether the guest is a VIP, and confirm their departure date. 

For the rest of the guest’s stay, Optii will create the correct cleaning type based on this information. 

At the end of the guest’s stay, each room will be checked out of Optii via this same user interface. This can be done either at the moment of check-out, or again as a part of end-of-day processes. 

Make a mistake? As with all areas of Optii, not to worry! Click the calendar icon for an in-house room and you can change the guest’s departure date or VIP status. 

As with Optii Housekeeping, stayover patterns can be established, as well as the management of extra jobs such as linen changes, and accounting of inventory items for your rooms. 

Enhancement for the management of component rooms 

With the introduction of the Optii Lite features, component rooms can now be better managed via Optii. 

Once a guest checks in to a component room in your PMS, the room can be checked in via Optii as well. The correct occupancy status will show on the room for the remainder of the guest’s stay. Once the guest departs, simply check-out the guest via the same user menu. 

In order to use this feature, we suggest that the ‘parent’ room of the component suite (generally a unique room number combining the various components’ room numbers) be made inactive in Optii. The ‘child’ rooms will remain active and will receive individual cleaning tasks. 

To use this new functionality, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for setup. 

Punjabi and Portuguese now available in the Optii Housekeeping App

Your users whose language preferences are Punjabi or Portuguese are now included in the translations of the Optii Housekeeping App. To update the language they will see in the app, go to the configuration page of the Optii Hub. Double click on the user profile you would like to update and choose the preferred language for their account. 

What to do if you have questions about the release or anything related to Optii

Your Optii Success Manager is awaiting your call - ask as many questions as possible!

Call on:

+1 855 398 1447 if you are located in North America, or

+852 3956 0630 if you are located in Asia, or

+44 20 3037 8851 if you are located in Europe, or

+61 7 5292 5166 from Australia/New Zealand.

If you prefer to email, reach us at help@optiisolutions.com.