Release Notes - April 2020 - Version 2.0.19

Did you know that the first oranges were not orange? What a great example that good things often mature to get even better. Stay tuned for some brand new Optii modules that allow you to interact more efficiently with engineering and other team members. We’ll make an announcement soon, so keep an eye out!

For now, here is what is new for you in the latest version of Optii Keeper:

  1. Notes now expire upon check-out
  2. Arrivals show in Uncovered Rooms
  3. So What About The Not-so Orange Oranges?
  4. Various bug fixes to give you an overall smoother experience!

More details below!

Notes now expire on check-out

Most hotels use the ‘Notes’ extensively to communicate various extra instructions or requirements to Room Attendants & Supervisors.  These could be either valid for just one day or the entire duration of the stay. 

Different clients use the 'Notes' feature differently.  Some want notes to show to the RA when the room is cleaned after the guest checked out, and others do not.  Optii can now do both!

In your current system, the notes will show after check-out. With this update, notes will now NOT show after a guest checks out.  If you prefer to show the notes after check out, please let your success coach know, and we will update this for you.


Arrivals Show in Uncovered Rooms

By popular request from many of our clients like you: The list of uncovered rooms at the bottom of the Hub now shows a ‘Y’ next to each departure clean with a new guest arriving. This makes it easy to identify priority rooms, especially when you have a quiet day and plan on rolling rooms!

What do you have to do now?

It is important, though, that you press the Control+Shift+R keys, all at the same time when you are first in the Hub to activate the update.

We’ll update the Hub for you; however, we also recommend that you always update the mobile devices to the latest versions from the AppStore® and Google Play®. 

So What About The Not-so Orange Oranges?

The original oranges from Southeast Asia were a tangerine-pomelo hybrid, and they were actually green. In fact, oranges in warmer regions like Vietnam and Thailand still stay green through maturity. 

What if I have Questions about all of this?

Your Optii Success Manager is awaiting your call - ask as many questions as you can!

Call on:

  • +1 512 793 7706 if you are located in the US, or
  • +61 7 5292 5166 from anywhere else.

If you prefer to email, reach us at


Other small improvements and bug fixes (V2.0.19):

  • LOS Notes no longer disappear if the reservation is shortened from Opera
  • Ending an OO period early from Opera now generates tasks on the correct day
  • The graph in the Daily Activity Report has been moved from the top to the bottom of the report 
  • Extra tracking information added to the activity log (OO ID, Reservation ID, Profile ID)
  • The Daily Activity Summary now has increased accuracy 
  • Reports’ “Export to CSV” function no longer puts spaces after comma separators