Release Notes - August 2020 - V3.0.4

Welcome to the third update of the Optii Platform!  They say "third time's a charm!" and we know Oyou'll be charmed by the updates and bug fixes you'll find in this release!  We are thrilled to share new things with you each month and hope you look forward to these notes as much as we do.  Our platform is growing and improving steadily -- do not forget that you are always welcome to share new ideas and feedback with us via Livechat or a quick email!

Here are some highlights of what to look for this month:

  1. Use the new actions menu within your schedule to copy or print your schedule
  2. Highlight and edit selections in your Schedule to update multiple Team Members' hours at once
  3. Push Notifications are here for Android and Desktop users!
  4. SMS Notifications are here for scheduled Team Members!
  5. Improved filtering to view your Team Members
  6. Various bug fixes to give you an overall smoother experience
  7. What do I need to do next?

Let's take a more in-depth look at these new features:

Use the new 'Actions' menu within your schedule to copy or print your schedule

Printing and posting a physical copy of your schedule has never been easier!  You'll find our new 'Actions' menu to the left of the blue [Publish Schedule] button. 

  1. Select Print from the dropdown menu .    
  2. Select your printer destination and details.
    print pdf of schedule
  3. Pick up the warm copy of the schedule from your office printer.

Highlight and edit selections in your Schedule to update multiple Team Members' hours at once

Last-minute decision to change your Room Attendants' Sunday start time from 9am to 9:30am?  We understand this happens all of the time in operations and have your back!

  1. Use your mouse to highlight the shifts of the team members that you would like to edit.  You can highlight across columns or down rows.
  2. Right-click while the shifts are highlighted.
  3. You have the option to 'Edit Schedule', 'Clear Selection', or 'Delete from Schedule'.
  4. Select 'Edit Schedule'.
  5. You will receive a pop up detailing how many team members' are highlighted and the ability to edit their start and end times.
  6. Edit the timing and click the blue Update button.
  7. Voila, changes have been made and you can continue to make edits, or choose to publish.

Push Notifications are here for Android and Desktop Users

Push Notifications are here!  If you create a direct message or tag someone within a Chat channel, they will now receive a notification on their device or desktop.  As a reminder, here are instructions for how to tag a user or send them a direct message:

  1. Type an '@' sign in the messagetagging3
  2. A list of users appears. The green square indicates that the user is logged in.
  3. Keep typing the name of the person, eg. 'Al' for 'Alma'. You will now see the list of users narrow to those that start with 'A' and then 'l'.
  4. Click on the user in the list. Alma is now tagged.
  5. Once you send the message, you can see the name change to the below and Alma will receive a notification.

Note: In order to see push notifications, you will need to allow/enable notifications within your browser and within your specific Android device. 

Google Support - Control Notifications on Android

Google Support - How to Allow Desktop Notifications


Send an SMS Message when your schedule is published!

Once you publish your schedule, an SMS message will automatically be sent to all scheduled Team Members with a mobile number attached to their profile.  Additional texts will be sent to affected Team Members anytime there is a change made to a published schedule.  Optii shares your schedule for you, check that off your to-do list!


Improved filtering to view your Team Members

Does this sound familiar?  You may have Team Members who work full time in various departments but are cross-trained as Banquets Servers to help with large events.  Enhanced filtering options within the user settings view now allow you to multi-select departments, roles, and employment types to allow you to view and schedule all available employees.

Other small improvements and bug fixes

  1. We corrected the way unpaid break times reflect in your total scheduled hours.
  2. Real-time updates will now consistently show when a job is created, no need to periodically refresh or reload the system.
  3. Mobile view enhancements for Android users.
  4. Improvements made to the draft version of the schedule.
  5. Break rules can now be edited once initially set.
  6. Various design enhancements and friendly improvements.

What do I need to do now?

No need to take any action, we'll upgrade Optii for you!  Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or anything to share!


Version 3.0.4, mid August 2020