Release Notes - September 2022 - Version 2.0.24

Here is what's new for you in the latest version of Optii Housekeeping:


  1. Flexible Credit Rules to Accommodate Union and Ordinance Rules
  2. Room Attendant Uncovered Tasks List Has Added Information
  3. Inspection Tasks Can Now Rollover!
  4. A new PMS interface: Maestro
  5. SMS Hotels:  ETA/ETD Information Now Appears in Optii
  6. Stayover Cleans Are Now Better Managed
  7. Daily Task Sheet Now Has The Option to Suppress Guest Names
  8. Other Small Improvements and Bug Fixes

Flexible Credit Rules to Accommodate Union and Ordinance Rules

Managing compliance is a tricky and time-intensive challenge, yet breaches come at a high cost.  With the appropriate advanced settings, Optii can now assist our operators in identifying RAs entitled to additional, non-cleaning credits.  

Schedule Enhancements:

  • Next to the Room Attendant's name, you can now see the number of departure cleans and the number of floors assigned to the RA. This allows you to easily identify assignments that may be over your credit and floor change limits.
  • Introduction of non-cleaning credits. This new feature will allow you to account for things like floor changes, exceeding the allowed number of specific room types, etc. 

  • You can see non-cleaning credits next to the existing credit indicator.  This enables you to ensure that extra credits have already been assigned.
  • You can also see the total RA credit/square footage indicator inside the circle. This will tell you whether an adjustment to a cleaning assignment is required to meet your property standards or labor union requirements.

For Hotels Operating with Credit-based Assignments: 

For Hotels Operating with Area-based (square footage) Assignments: 

Room Slider Enhancements:

  • You may be familiar with the Room Attendant slider, accessible by clicking a room attendant’s name on the Schedule. For properties that enable the functionality of the non-cleaning credit with their Customer Success Manager, you will now see the new section showing Total Credits. This section will show the total number of credits, totalling both your assigned room credits and your non-cleaning credits. Use the counter below to add or remove non-cleaning credits. You can see these changes in the activity log against the relevant RA.

Credits by Room Attendant Report Enhancement:

For properties that enable the functionality of the non-cleaning credit, you will now see a 'Non-cleaning Credits' column which shows the relevant credit total for the requested period.

Settings - Rooms/Zones Enhancements: Credits by Room

  • Some properties assign different credit values to rooms of the same type. With this update, you will now be able to customize the credit or square footage values for departure and stayover cleans by room number.

Room Attendant Uncovered Tasks List Has Added Information

You will now find additional beneficial information on the Uncovered Tasks slider. These additions include credit values for each room awaiting assignment, ETD or estimated time of departure for properties whose PMS supports this, the number of extra jobs for each task, and if the room has a DND or do not disturb sign-in place, or an NSR or No Service Required. These changes will be live with the new release, and no configuration changes are needed! 

Inspections Can Now Rollover!

Inspections are now more flexible in Optii.  With the appropriate permissions, an inspection task can now roll over to the next day unless it has either failed or passed.  The inspection task will remain linked to the original cleaning task irrespective of the time expired between cleanings and inspections. 


Through the mobile app, you can still see the details of who cleaned the room and when the room was cleaned.

Welcome to Maestro!

Maestro All-In-One Hotel PMS & Resort Property Management SystemWe are pleased to add yet another PMS interface to the available connections for Optii clients. Maestro offers a cloud-based, all-in-one comprehensive Web browser or Windows solution that supports the latest mobile, contact-free, and web-responsive technologies to enhance the digital guest and staff experience.  

 SMS Hotels:  ETA/ETD Information Now Appears in Optii

With this release, Optii users at SMS properties will now receive ETA and ETD information from the PMS. You can see this information on the reservation details area of the Room Details slider on the Hub and in the Optii Housekeeping mobile App. 


Stayover Cleans Are Now Better Managed 

Does your property use Optii’s advanced functionality to schedule stayover cleans regularly? If so, you may benefit from this new feature! If your property’s guests decline service on their scheduled day for service, we can now cancel the stayover clean and not create one again until they are next due for service. 

Let’s review an example of this for a hotel that offers stayover service every three days: The guest is due for service on the third day but declines service from the room attendant. The room attendant will mark No Service Required in the Optii Housekeeping App. Instead of Optii creating this cleaning task again tomorrow, the 4th day of the stay, we will now only create a clean again for this guest on the 6th day of their stay. 

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today to enable this option! 

Daily Task Sheet Now Has the Option to Suppress Guest Names

To address PII concerns, you now have the option to suppress the guest names when running this report.  We also added a fix to include the Room Type when users see the data in Google Sheets or Excel.  

Other Small Improvements and Bug Fixes (V2.0.24):

  • On the Schedule, the ‘Add Task’ screen now closes after successfully adding a task.
  • With turndowns, the turndown task will now remain regardless of the current occupant’s future reservation details change.
  • Daily task checks no longer create erroneous check tasks when turndowns occur. For certain properties, erroneous check tasks were sometimes created for rooms that received turndown on previous nights. This has now been corrected. 
  • CMS Hotels: On the Schedule, a cleaning type code will no longer display if the room is a departure clean.
  • Opera Cloud Hotels:  Improved message handling to mitigate delayed messages in Opera Cloud.
  • Opera On Premise Hotels: Updated interface to handle resynching on the new version of Opera.
  • Impala Hotels: Improved message handling for read-only interfaces.

What Do You Have to Do Now?

On the day of the update, we recommend that all Hub users press the Control+Shift+R keys simultaneously on your keyboard. This will activate the update, giving you access to all the new features outlined above. 

We’ll take care of updating the Hub for you; however, we also do recommend that you always update the mobile devices to the latest versions from App Store® and Google Play®. 

What if I have Questions about all of this?

Your Optii Success Manager is awaiting your call - ask as many questions as possible!

Call on:

  • +1 855 398 1447 if you are located in North America, or
  • +852 3956 0630 if you are located in Asia, or
  • +44 20 3037 8851 if you are located in Europe, or
  • +61 7 5292 5166 from Australia/New Zealand.

If you prefer to email, reach us at