Release Notes - October 2021 - Version 2.0.22

It's fast becoming a tradition, so let's open with a riddle again! As usual, you will be rewarded with the solution after you read all the way through the exciting new features below

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"Tom was out for a walk when it started to rain. He did not have an umbrella and he wasn’t wearing a hat. His clothes were soaked, yet not a single hair on his head got wet. How could this happen?"




While you ponder the solution, you may as well scroll down and read about the new things we have added to the latest version of Optii Housekeeping. We'll share the solution at the end 😀

Here is what's new for you in the latest version of Optii Housekeeping:

    1. A new PMS interface: Springer-Miller Host
    2. Stayover clean frequency by room type
    3. Roomtypes in the Daily Task sheet report
    4. Notes are now tracked in the activity log
    5. Disabling check tasks in occupied rooms
    6. Preventative Maintenance is Coming to Optii Service!

Welcome to Springer-Miller Host!

Springer-Miller Systems's Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees,  Funding, Acquisitions & News - Owler Company Profile We are pleased to add yet another PMS interface to the available connections for Optii clients. Springer-Miller is a well established PMS serving the North American markets. Congratulations to our launch customer, the Nemacolin Luxury Resort in Pennsylvania, who upgraded to Optii from their existing housekeeping software. 



Stayover Clean Frequency by Room Type

COVID is motivating the industry to change in many ways. Among many, stayover cleans are now frequently no longer performed on a daily basis. Optii has already added various options to manage different stayover rhythms and we just created another one: You can now set the stayover rhythm by room type, allowing you to implement processes such as 'Every three days' for standard rooms, while suites are still serviced daily. Thank you to all hotels asking for this - you help us make Optii better for you!



Room types in the Daily Task Sheet Report

We have added a new column to the task sheet report by popular demand. The new column shows each rooms' room type to assist with planning.



Notes Are Now Tracked In The Activity Log 

Listening to our users, we also added the functionality to make an entry in the activity log every time a note is created on a clean. So if you ever have the need to track who left notes and when you can use the 'Activity Log Report' to find out.



Disabling Check Tasks in Occupied Rooms

Check tasks are designed to prompt your supervisors to verify the status of a room - whether it needs cleaning or whether is a guest is present. Some hotels prefer to never have a check created if a room is occupied in the PMS. By default, Optii will create the check, but if you prefer to have this activated, please advise our HelpDesk team.



Preventative Maintenance is Coming to Optii Service!!

You will soon be able to manage any type of project, whether preventative maintenance or simply the spring cleaning of rooms, with Optii. In the usual super-simple and powerful Optii-style of course!

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What do you have to do now?

It is important, though, that you press the Control+Shift+R keys, all at the same time when you are first in the Hub to activate the update.

We’ll take care of updating the Hub for you; however, we also do recommend that you always update the mobile devices to the latest versions from AppStore® and Google Play®. 



So What About The Riddle?

Well, it turns out that Tom does not have any hair on his head - he is completely bald!

Greg Laurie - Here is your profound thought for the day. Something I have  said many times in my messages. I will be walking along with my wife, Cathe  who has thick,


What if I have Questions about all of this?

Your Optii Success Manager is awaiting your call - ask as many questions as you can!

Call on:

  • +1 512 793 7706 if you are located in the US, or
  • +61 7 5292 5166 from anywhere else.

If you prefer to email, reach us at



Other small improvements and bug fixes (V2.0.22):

  • Added handling for check-in messages arriving after the check-out message in some PMS Systems

  • Added handling of OO-rooms by status where PMS does not handle OO-dates

  • Implemented additional security to protect against the Alpaca security vulnerability

  • Corrected the incorrect author of notes being recorded
  • Added language support for Estonian, Russian, French, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Polish (available with next mobile update from AppStore in Q4 2021)