Release Notes - December 2019 - Version 2.0.18

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Optii Keeper Feature Updates  

December 2019


Did you know that about 700 grapes go into a single bottle of wine? Or that a typical vine takes three years to mature? The collection of all that effort, attention, and time creates one unique product! And like that wine, the Optii Team has poured many hours and much energy into our latest Optii Keeper Update- V2.0.18. We listened to your suggestions and implemented improvements to further optimize your Housekeeping Operations. 

We hope you enjoy the updates and we welcome your questions or feedback. Cheers!


Optii V2.0.18 Updates Overview:

  1. Room Attendant (RA) “Progress Indicator” stops at the end of that RA’s shift
  2. Additional details on the “Cleaning History Report”
  3. Improvements to off-line handling
  4. Back-to-Back reservations improvements
  5. “Specials Code” can now trigger Turndowns
  6. Various bug fixes for an overall smoother experience

How do you get these updated Features?


We recommend that users regularly update their mobile devices with the latest version of Optii in the AppStore® or Google Play®. The below features will take effect upon that app update completed on or after December 9, 2019: 

  • Room Attendant (RA) “Progress Indicator” stops at the end of that RA’s shift
  • Additions to the “Cleaning History Report”
  • Improvements to off-line handling
  • Various bug fixes for an overall smoother experience

To activate the below feature, e-mail on or after December 9:

  • “Specials Code” can now trigger Turndowns
  • Back-to-Back reservations improvements


RA progress indicator stops at end of RA’s shift


The RA “Progress Indicator” stops when that Room Attendant

logs out for the day (end of shift).


Before this Update, the “Progress Indicator” would continue counting, even after the RA finished his or her shift. That made accurate review of RA performance difficult. Now Optii freezes the counter when the Room Attendant logs out for the day, giving an easier overview of that RA’s efficiency.

RA progress


Additions to the Cleaning History Report


Additional details on the Cleaning History Report:

Total Credits cleaned, Touch Ups, and Corrections. 

  1.  The number of “credits” cleaned
  2. What used to be “Other” is now itemized. “Touch Up” and “Corrections” are detailed to clearly depict daily activity.
  3. If a room is inspected more than once, these appear as “Correction” in the report. 
clean summ

Improvements to Off-Line Handling


Enhanced off-line capabilities for hotels with problematic WiFi 


When a device is disconnected from WiFi (off-line) Optii stores modifications and relays them once the device reconnects to WiFi. With this App Update, that process will be quicker. This is crucial for hotels that experience WiFi “black spots” or regular problems with connectivity!



'Back-to-Back Reservations Improvements


Better B2B detection: B2B are now detected by comparing the “Lastname” and 1st letter of the “Firstname.”


Before this Update, Back-to-back (B2B) reservations could be difficult to discover, especially in hotels that receive many of their bookings from OTAs (they sometimes create duplicate profiles in the PMS). With this new feature, if the bookings match and they are attributed to the same room, a B2B reservation is actioned in Optii. 


For example, if a booking is in the name "Mr. Brad Pitt," and a second booking is for "Mr. B Pitt" in the same room, we know it is him and create a B2B reservation. This feature is OPTIONAL and may not suit all locales since the accuracy of this feature is proportionate to the diversity of Guest Surnames. If a high number of guests share a Surname (last name), the B2B function will be less precise. To activate this feature, reach out to your Optii Success Manager at



“Specials Code” Can Now Trigger Turndowns


Optii now enables you to specify which “Specials Code” indicate a requirement for turndown service.


While most hotels use the Market and VIP codes to identify guests entitled to turndown service, many also use the Specials Code in Opera for ad-hoc requests.

To set up a Specials Code for turndowns, follow these steps:

  1. Go to [Configuration]
  2. Select [Jobs] on the top menu, then [Turndown] below
  3. Under [Specials Code Turndown], enter "TD" (or your preferred code) in the box provided.
  4. Click [Add Specials Code].
  5. Tick the box next to the ‘TD’ below.

You can deactivate a code by unticking the box at any time. Any turndown tasks for this code on the chosen day of deactivation will be removed immediately. To delete a code altogether, click the "trash" icon.   




Other small improvements and bug fixes (V2.0.18)

  • "Cleaning History" Report: Improved sort-by room number and extra columns to sort-by
  • "Service Later" rescheduling is now based on current time, not scheduled time
  • Check-out/check-in before Daily Task Check no longer creates a room departure or stay over clean
  • Paused Inspections that are submitted from the Hub will have accurate duration recorded
  • Improved the date filtering on the Inspector Benchmark Report 
  • Removed instances where a stay over clean is incorrectly created upon check-in
  • A ‘Request Entity Too Large’ error no longer triggers alert
  • Failed Inspection tasks do not record quality score in Stats table
  • Manually created Inspections will no longer appear in Room Slider nor on Inspector’s schedule. 
  • Manually created Inspections will now attach to the original cleaning task, not the correction task
  • Inspections at the bottom of the task list will no longer cut off 
  • "Out of Order" for future dates no longer changes current room status



    Your Optii Success Manager is here for you! 

    • +1 512 793 7706 if you are located in the US, or
    • +61 7 5292 5166 from anywhere else.

    If you prefer to email, reach us at


    Thank you for being an Optii Partner!




    The Optii Keeper Team