Keeping track of your Labor Expenses

Having a grasp of your labor expenses is one of the most important (and difficult) tasks to control in Hotel Operations. That is where Optii comes in - We have created an automation that provides this information.

Setting your labor cost 

    With Optii Service & Optii PM, you can now easily input your labor cost per employee when creating their department profiles in Optii.

    Adding the Payments option can be easily found in the settings tab and hovering over the settings option under 'General' - Please see the picture below:

    Sreenshot - Labor cost

    Once you are here, you can click on 'Add Role' (if applicable), where you will be able to add the payment options for that role. These options can be broken down by Hour, Salary, or by room:

    Screenshot inventory-4

    On this same tab, you will also be able to specify if their breaks are considered paid or unpaid, and their overtime.


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    Optii Reports 

    With Optii Reports, you can have a complete overview of your projects, as well as individual job activities and completion times. This report will also provide you with a snapshot of the cost per job, project (only in Optii Preventive Maintenance or Optii Project), or by the employee.

    Hover over the 'Report' tab and choose the type of report you want to pull:

    • Job Activity Report
    • Project Cycle Summary Report

    Let's give it a try and see how it works!

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