Optii Platform Release Notes - July 2023, Version 3.2.5

We are excited to share the release of Optii version 3.2.5, packed with a range of new features and enhancements designed to streamline and optimize your operations. With this latest release, we aim to empower you with more tools that enhance efficiency and improve overall performance. 

Some of the key highlights of 3.2.5 include: 

  • Additional checklist task types
  • Enhancements to checklist completion on the activity log
  • Mongolian language translations
  • Improvements & bug fixes

Checklist Enhancements

Exciting news! We have expanded the functionality of Optii checklists with the introduction of two new task types. When creating checklist tasks, you now have the option to choose between text or dropdown task types, adding even more flexibility to your workflow.

Let's dive into the details: With the Text task type, as demonstrated below, you can now incorporate a free-text option within a checklist task. This empowers your team to provide specific information or comments while working through a checklist, enhancing collaboration and capturing important details along the way.

We're delighted to introduce another valuable addition to Optii checklists: the ability to select one or multiple options from a predefined dropdown list. With this new task type, users now have the convenience of choosing from a range of predefined options. 

With the inclusion of these two new task types, Optii has expanded its support to a total of nine task types, making your checklists increasingly functional and adaptable for your operational teams. This broader range of task types enables you to create checklists that align precisely with your team's specific needs and operational processes. 

Job Activity Log Now Includes Checklist Activities

Chances are you're already familiar with the Optii activity log—a feature conveniently accessible by clicking on the “Activity” label found in the “Details” section of any job. In a noteworthy update, the activity log now incorporates individual checklist task updates, offering you a comprehensive view of checklist activity.


Take a look at the following example: In the first image, you can observe the checklist tasks assigned to one of our team members. In the second image, you'll notice that our team member has successfully completed the checklist tasks, and the activity log displays the timestamp for each task completed.

@Channel Notify in Optii Chat

We are pleased to announce a highly anticipated feature: the ability to send Chat notifications to all users of a specific channel as required. With this latest release, users now have the capability of ensuring that important announcements or updates reach all members of a channel.

To achieve this, simply type “@channel” in your message, just as shown in the example below. Once you send the message, all users who have access to the channel and are currently logged in will promptly receive a notification. This convenient feature ensures that important information reaches the intended audience promptly, allowing for swift communication and effective collaboration among team members.

New Language Addition: Mongolian 

Mongolian is now officially supported in Optii. With this latest addition, users can now enjoy seamless Chat communication using our inline translation feature, making it easier than ever to connect and collaborate with Mongolian-speaking team members. Additionally, all system labels within Optii are now available in Mongolian, providing a fully localized experience.

This milestone marks a significant expansion of our language support, bringing the total number of supported languages to an impressive 24. We are committed to enhancing inclusivity and enabling effective communication across diverse teams, empowering users around the globe to leverage the full potential of Optii.



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