Optii Release Notes - September 2023, Version 3.4.0

This Optii release is packed with a handful of long-awaited features that will have a lasting impact on all of our customers and how their operations are run.

With this Optii release, you’ll find :

  • Open API Connection with VenueLytics 
  • Integration between Optii Housekeeping and Optii Service
  • Above Property Report
  • Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Open API with VenueLytics - Early Adopters

Introducing a powerful collaboration that's set to transform your guest experience! Optii Service and VenueLytics are now seamlessly connected through our Open API, offering you a smooth and efficient way to manage guest requests and enhance your service delivery.

  • Effortless Job Creation: Guest requests submitted through VenueLytics' guest messaging platform will automatically trigger the creation of corresponding jobs in Optii Service. This means quicker response times and happier guests.
  • Optimized Job Dispatch: Optii Service will handle the dispatch of these jobs, ensuring that tasks are assigned and completed promptly. Say goodbye to manual coordination and hello to streamlined operations.

Are you interested in taking advantage of this game-changing integration? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today at success@optiisolutions.com to join our group of early adopters. The Success team will guide you through the setup process and help tailor the integration to your specific needs.

Optii Housekeeping can now create jobs in Optii Service! - Early Adopters 

With this update, users can now leverage the 'report defect' functionality in Optii Housekeeping to create jobs effortlessly in Optii Service. Whenever a defect is identified and saved within Optii Housekeeping, a corresponding job will be automatically generated in Optii Service. Once the defect and job are created, the generated job's hyperlink will be readily accessible within the Optii Housekeeping notes field in the Hub.

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager today to be among the first to unlock the potential of this feature and elevate your housekeeping and service management to new heights.

Above Property Report

In this release, we are sharing a powerful addition to our growing list of reports. Our Above Property Report will provide insight into your organization's project performance. With this report, you'll be able to:

  • Analyze which properties in your portfolio are excelling or underperforming
  • Filter data using various hierarchical levels, from a high-level view of the entire organization down to a specific project at a specific property
  • Easily view KPIs for both completed and in-progress projects
  • View and export all data directly from the report
  • Enjoy a centralized hub for all your reporting needs across your properties
  • Schedule automated delivery of the report to your inbox, just like all our other reports

Key Features:

  • Access Control
    This report is accessible from within every property in which it has been enabled and that you are a part of, as seen below, and can be set as a scheduled export like all the rest of our reports. However, access is limited to a specific set of users with the role-level permission “Above Property Project Report” enabled. Rest assured, you have control over authorizing personnel to access the report.


  • Filtering Options:
    Filter your data from top to bottom, allowing you to assess performance at various levels, from organizational level to job level details, You get to control the data you see with a variety of filters accessible on this report. Now let’s cover some of the main differentiators:
    • Organization Type

      • This single-select filter will allow you to filter by the type of organization you are affiliated with, whether you are part of different brands, owner groups, or management companies. This will enable you to view each of the portfolios separately

    • Group

      • This will allow you to filter by all or one group(s) (All brand, ownership group, and management company) types a user is associated with based on the organization type selected

    • Sub-Groups

      • This will allow you to filter by all or one sub-group(s) based on how your organization is hierarchically structured in Optii

    • Property Name

      • This will allow you to filter by all or one property name(s)b within your portfolio 

    • Project

      • This will allow you to filter by all or one project name(s) within your property 

  • KPI’s 
    Similar to our other reports, we will emphasize the most important Key Performance Indicators for a straightforward understanding of your organization.
    • Total # of Projects
        • Displays total number of projects across your portfolio
      • Total # Completed
        • Displays total number of projects completed 
      • Total # in Progress
        • Displays total number of projects in progress

    • Graphs:
      Our user-friendly graphs provide a quick way to understand the performance of your properties’ projects, and the data returned is visually displayed based on your chosen filtering structure. Whether tracking a completed, in-progress, or past-due project, our graphs make it easy to visualize performance.

    • Detailed Reporting Records:
      Dive deeper into the details with the reporting records tabular view, such as: 
      • Property Name
      • Total # of projects
      • Completed projects
      • Projects in progress
      • Percentage completion per project
      • Job level details and insight

    Contact your Customer Success Manager at success@optiisolutions.com to enable this new report for your property! 

    Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

    1. You'll notice that instead of the "Engineering," tab you'll see "Projects," which makes it more inclusive and accommodating for any department that could benefit from project tools in your hotel.
    2. We've added a scrollbar to our "Add Job" modal, making it easier to navigate through jobs.
    3. We now support Albanian and Ukrainian as preferred languages for content and inline translation through Chat.

    We’ll make sure to keep you updated in our future release notes—stay tuned! We would also love to hear from you about your requests for future development. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request a feedback session with our team. 

    What if I have questions about all of this?

    Your Optii Success Manager is awaiting your call—ask as many questions as possible!

    Call on:

    • +1 855 398 1447 if you are located in North America, or
    • +852 3956 0630 if you are located in Asia, or
    • +44 20 3037 8851 if you are located in Europe, or
    • +61 7 5292 5166 from Australia/New Zealand.

    If you prefer to email, reach us at help@optiisolutions.com.