Optii Release Notes - October 2023 - Version 3.5.0

Introducing Optii 3.5.0— With this release, Optii offers hotels flexibility and control over notification triggers and criteria. Now, you can select specific job statuses and triggers, such as receiving notifications immediately after a job creation or when a job transitions to a particular status. This level of detail empowers you to proactively manage your operations, keep your team members informed, and prevent issues from arising. Elevate your hotel's efficiency, streamline workflows, and ensure seamless operations with Optii 3.5.0!

With this Optii release, you’ll find:

  • Notification Enhancements
  • Checklist Export

Notification Enhancements - Add a Status as a Criteria

With adding a status, this means you can now customize your notifications to keep you in the loop when specific job statuses, such as "Not started," "In progress," "On Hold," "Done," or "Cancelled," are reached. Adding a status to your notification rules will be another way to get even more flexibility, priorization, control and focus on your operations. Job status notifications don't just save time; they make everything more streamlined. This means your team can focus on important tasks, while stakeholders always stay in the know about how things are going with your property. You’ll be able to receive notifications for jobs:

  • "Not Started": Receive immediate notifications when jobs are yet to be started, allowing you to ensure that nothing is overlooked or delayed.
  • "In Progress": Stay updated in real-time as jobs continue to progress, enabling you to monitor progress and allocate resources effectively.
  • "On Hold": Get notified as soon as a job is put on hold, enabling you to address any issues or bottlenecks promptly.
  • "Done": Be aware of successful job completions with notifications that keep you informed when a jobs are finished to your satisfaction.
  • "Cancelled": Stay in control even when jobs are canceled, receiving notifications to understand the reasons behind cancellations and to reassign work as needed.

Notification Enhancements - Additional Event Trigger

With the introduction of two new triggers, "After Status Change" and "After Creation," joining our existing "Before Due Time" and "After Due Time" triggers for jobs, Optii is dedicated to enhancing hotel operations for greater efficiency. This means you can say goodbye to the hassle of constant check-ups and manual oversight of jobs. With these type of notifications, you'll have a clearer picture of what's happening on your property, optimizing job management

After Status Change

This feature complements the ability to “Add Status” as a criteria, further enhancing our notification rules engine and providing you with greater control and flexibility to manage your operations and team members. You will receive instant notifications whenever a job's status changes from 'Not Started,' 'In Progress,' 'Completed,' or 'Cancelled.' Here's a prime example of how it can benefit your hotel operations

  • Stay on Top of Things: Send tailored notifications when a job(s) status changes.
  • Less hassle, more action: Be in the loop as soon as a job is not on track

After Creation

Introducing the "After Creation" event trigger! This exciting feature lets anyone using this trigger receive a notification when a job is created. So, if you want to stay in the loop right from the start, this is the tool for you. Whether it's for a last-minute task or an urgent request, you'll get the notification you need to stay on top of things

  • Stay in the Know: The "After Creation" event trigger keeps you updated in real-time when a new job is added. It's like having a notification pop up as soon as something important happens.
  • Get Things Moving: With this feature, you can jump into action right away, assigning jobs and ensuring nothing gets delayed. It's your secret weapon for being super responsive.

Optii Housekeeping Integration with Optii Service for Adding Jobs - Now Available!  

As mentioned last month, users can now leverage the 'report defect' functionality in Optii Housekeeping to add jobs effortlessly in Optii Service. Whenever a defect is identified and saved within Optii Housekeeping, a corresponding job will be automatically generated in Optii Service. Once the defect and job are created, the generated job's hyperlink will be readily accessible within the Optii Housekeeping notes field in the Hub.

Connect with your Customer Success Manager to discuss adding this exciting new feature to streamline workflows at your property! 

Checklist Export - Get even more insights

At Optii, we're dedicated to prioritize data to help you gain insights and make informed decisions. Now, with our new Checklist Export, you can easily access valuable information about your projects, jobs, and assets that has have a checklist associated to it.

With this export option, you have the flexibility to request a detailed checklist export from our customer success team. This report will be delivered directly to your inbox at a cadence that suits your needs, whether it's for a specific checklist, location, or job.

You'll have access to important details such as the duration of tasks, start and completion times, temperature-driven task results, and inspection results. This data will empower you to ensure that your hotel and team are meeting brand standards and following protocols effectively.

We're here to make your checklist management easier and more insightful. Feel free to reach out to our customer success team to get started with this valuable tool!

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  1. Location display names throughout Optii have been updated to make it easier for our users to view and search. 
  2. Optii now offer support for the Turkish language. Simply choose it as your preferred language, use it to navigate the platform, and receive your chat messages translated as well in Turkish.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated in our future release notes—stay tuned! We would also love to hear from you about your requests for future development. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request a feedback session with our team.

What if I have questions about all of this?

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