Release Notes - August 2021 - V3.0.15

Introducing the On Shift Indicator to let managers know which team members are currently working

To help with labor management and transparency, Optii now offers the ability to require Team Members, based on role, to mark themselves as On or Off Shift.  In the future, this will be used to indicate availability for job assignments, notifications, and report analytics.

03-0-14 On and Off Shift@1x

As a team member, the On Shift indicator feature allows you to:

  • Access the On Shift indicator driven by role-based permissions
  • Mark yourself on/off shift for better transparency on who is currently working
  • Remind you to update your status on login and logout
  • Easily see your own personal On Shift status with a green or grey circle around the user profile icon

As a Manager, the Team Member status indicator on the Jobs Timeline view allows you to:

  • At a glance, see who is On Shift, Away, Off Shift, and who doesn't have permission to the On Shift indicator
  • Filter the listing of team members by 'All On Shift.'  This filter will limit the Jobs Timeline listing of team members by who is on shift or who is away but still on shift

Note:  If your teams would like access to the On Shift Indicator feature, please contact your CSM or our support team to turn this on by role.

ico-feature Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Addressed Job Status performance issues allowing support of hundreds more concurrent users and jobs
  • On the Job Activity Report KPI section, the seconds no longer show up for better readability
  • Fixed a bug on the reports causing the labor cost to be incorrect in certain scenarios
  • Fixed IOS bug preventing users with older iPhones and iPads from scrolling through the Job Status page
  • Fixed a permissions bug that prevented the display of the job escalations list in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a bug in the Department Settings module that displayed the wrong message when deleting a department
  • Fixed a bug in the Department and Employment Type Settings module to check for duplicates based on case sensitivity
  • Fixed a bug that caused updated items on existing jobs not to display correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when a high number of users were deactivated at the same time

If you would like access to the Departments and Employment Type modules within Settings, please contact your CSM or our support team.