Release Notes 3.11.0, Week of June 19, 2024

In this edition of Optii release notes, we are pleased to share several new features and enhancements. Please continue reading to discover the highlights for this month!

Release Notes 3.11.0, Week of June 19, 2024

Welcome to the June release notes for Optii! We are excited to introduce a range of new features and enhancements. Read on to learn more about the highlights for this month!

  • Auto-Assignment Projects
  • Numeric Task Notifications
  • Infor Integration: Room Status Support

Auto-Assignment of Projects

We are excited to announce the release of Auto-Assignment for Projects, designed to streamline any property project management processes. This enhancement allows for the automatic assignment of project jobs based on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cycles. Jobs are evenly distributed across team members, ensuring balanced workloads and efficient resource utilization. Auto-assignments starts on the project's scheduled start date and continue throughout its lifecycle until all jobs have been Auto-assigned.


  • Efficiency Improvement: Automates job assignments, saving time for the maintenance team and management.
  • Balanced Resource Utilization: Optimizes workload distribution across the project’s lifecycle.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Ensures timely completion of preventive maintenance tasks, improving overall guest satisfaction.
  • Decreased Workload: Maintenance teams can focus on execution rather than keeping up with project assignments.

New Assignment Section: Users will now see a new section titled "Assignment" under projects, where they can select the department, role, and auto-assign type. The two auto-assignment types are:


  • Auto Assign via Schedule: This option leverages the property's published schedule in Optii. If team members are on the schedule, it will look at the department and role of the project and schedule, and auto-assign jobs in a round-robin manner. It also takes into account the number of jobs per team member to ensure even distribution.

  • Auto Assign via Team Member:
This option allows users to select the team members (without restrictions to department or role). The auto-assignment will simply assign jobs to these selected team members, even if they are not on the schedule. Note that users will continue to receive notifications when jobs are assigned, even if they are not on shift. Jobs can be manually reassigned to different team members as needed.

Assignment Cadence:

  • Daily and Weekly Cycles: Jobs are assigned daily.
  • Monthly Cycles: Jobs are assigned weekly (e.g., every Monday, depending on the start day of the cycle).
  • Yearly Cycles: Jobs are assigned monthly.

In cases where the number of jobs is uneven, extra jobs are assigned at the beginning of the project to ensure timely completion and avoid delays. You will continue to have the flexibility to manually assign project jobs. Say Hello! to your new Projects page

Numeric Task Notifications

Stay on top of critical inventory, quantities dispensed, parts, and more by using Optii's numeric task types and their notifications. With this release, Optii will enhance its numeric notifications to support alerts. This means when you attach a notification, similar to the temperature notification trigger, Optii will automatically send a mobile notification or email, informing you that a team member entered a number outside of the configured acceptable range. Whether you want to ensure the number of toiletries, towels used, mini-bar items consumed or dispensed, or filters replaced per floor, you will be in the loop right away.

  • Customizable Alerts: Set specific numeric ranges via a user-friendly "bell" icon on the checklist interface. Whether you’re ensuring boilers are at safe operating temperatures or pools are guest-ready, you can define exact parameters for alerts.
  • Flexible Notification Settings: Choose to receive alerts through email or push notifications, ensuring you receive critical updates in the most convenient format.
  • Targeted Notifications: Configure alerts to notify specific hotel roles, ensuring that the right team members are informed and can take immediate action.

Infor Integration: Room Status Support

In Optii’s May 2024 release, we introduced our new integration with Infor HMS. This month, we have expanded the integration to include the display of room status in Optii! With this status now displayed in Optii, team members can be knowledgeable about the status of a room before assigning or beginning a job. The room status is now visible in the location detail and project job card views, with more features coming soon!

Location Detail View: To view the room status on the location detail view, simply select a job from anywhere in Optii and then click on the location name. In this view, you will now see the room status for room locations. Team members can easily jump to the location detail view for jobs for room locations to see guest details and room status, before starting a job. 

*Note: The role level permission for Location Detail is necessary to access this view. 

Project Job Cards: To view the room status on a project job card, navigate to a project cycle that contains jobs for room locations. Each job card for room locations now shows the occupancy and housekeeping status from Infor, directly on the card. 

With this feature, Project users can assign jobs with confidence, knowing if rooms are available for PM, filter replacement, inspections, and other project priorities for your property! 

Tip: Hover over the room status to view the long form of the status.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes


  1. The edit view of previously saved repeating jobs has been updated. The new version of this edit form mirrors the changes to our Add Job form, included in April’s release. Access this new view by navigating to Jobs and selecting ‘View: Repeating Jobs’ and choosing to edit a repeating template.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed the issue where users on mobile devices could not consistently access Chat channels. 
  2. Editing a job will no longer remove the previously saved job status. 

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