Release Notes 3.9.0, Week of April 29, 2024

We are excited to announce our upcoming release and here is everything you need to know for Optii version 3.9.0. This release includes a number of new features and enhancements. Let's dive in and explore the highlights of this release in more detail.

  • Quantify job items 
  • Support for more than one job item per job
  • Enhancements when adding and editing a job
  • Notifications Enhancements
    • Temperature Task Notifications
    • Project Notifications
  • Sound Alert Settings
  • Above Property Project Report Enhancements

Quantify Job Items on a job

Introducing a significant enhancement to Optii that will make your operations smoother and more efficient. Our latest update allows you to specify exact quantities of items when adding a job. Whether it's "2 toothbrushes" or "3 towels," you can now enter these details quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for additional notes and reducing the chance of errors. More is now less!

  • Effortless Input: Quickly specify exact item counts directly in the job form.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduce errors with clear communication of specific needs for both guest & internal requests.
  • Simple Adjustments: Easily increase or decrease quantities with a single click, starting from one.

This enhancement is designed to streamline operations for front desk team members, department managers, and anyone involved in service delivery, making your workday more efficient and error-free.

Supporting Multiple Job Items

Along with the ability to specify quantities for job items, you can now add multiple job items to the same job, enhancing the functionality of our service module. Now, you can include various types of job items in a single job, streamlining the process and more accurately reflecting complex jobs or guest requests. This new feature enables a more flexible and efficient approach to handling diverse service needs without the need to create separate jobs for each item. 

  • Multiple Item Addition: Easily add various types of job items to a single job through the new “Add Item” option. Whether it's towels, soap, or light bulbs, you can include it all in one go.
  • Enhanced Job Accuracy: Accurately capture the complexity of guest requests or service needs in a single job entry, ensuring that all details are included and nothing gets missed.
  • Flexible Item Management: Added flexibility to delete any job item beyond the first, allowing for adjustments as needed without starting over.
  • Intuitive Display and Reporting: The job card will display multiple items clearly, listing each with its quantity. Reporting tools will now tally each item individually, maintaining clarity and precision in records and analysis.

By enabling you to add multiple job items in a single entry, we're helping to reduce time spent on administration and increase the accuracy of service delivery.

Additional Enhancements to the Add / Edit Job Panel


In this release, we have enhanced the functionality and flow of adding or editing a job.

Adding jobs has become more streamlined with our redesigned interface. We've improved various aspects including usability, data input, selection of items, and the addition of notes and attachments.

You will now find the section for adding notes or attachments at the bottom of the form. This placement allows you to quickly navigate through the form and skip over this optional section if it is not needed for the job you are adding.

Additionally, you no longer need to scroll or navigate to the top of the modal to exit. Simply clicking outside the modal will return you to the full screen of your previous view.

We have enhanced the user interface to maximize screen real estate and make interactions smoother and easier.

Project Notifications


Stay in the loop with Optii’s enhanced notifications solution, keeping you updated on your projects. This new functionality lets you set customized rules for receiving project notifications directly on your mobile or via email, before or after due dates. Ideal for tasks such as guest room PM, boiler room inspections, and other crucial maintenance projects, this tool keeps you informed and proactive. With detailed notifications—including due dates and department involvement—you can quickly make decisions and keep your engineering teams, department heads, and maintenance staff coordinated, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Project Tracking: Set up notifications to receive timely updates about your projects' progress, helping you keep critical schedules on top of mind.
  • Customizable Alerts: Choose when to receive updates, either before the project is due to remind you of upcoming deadlines, or after, to follow up on any delayed tasks.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Get these notifications pushed directly to your mobile or via email, making it easy to stay informed no matter where you are.

With this new notification enhancement, hotel management can stay in the loop effortlessly as projects progress, enhancing overall operational efficiency and accountability.

Temperature Task Notifications

Stay ahead of critical temperature checks with Optii’s tasks notification feature for temperature-related tasks within checklists. This will allow users to set an acceptable temperature range for tasks such as monitoring boiler room, pool, and room temperatures across various hotel needs and projects. When a temperature recorded falls outside this acceptable range, an immediate notification is triggered, helping you respond quickly to potential issues.

  • Customizable Alerts: Set specific temperature ranges via a user-friendly "bell" icon on the checklist interface. Whether you’re ensuring boilers are at safe operating temperatures or pools are guest-ready, you can define exact parameters for alerts.
  • Flexible Notification Settings: Choose to receive alerts through email or push notifications, ensuring you receive critical updates in the most convenient format.

Targeted Notifications: Configure alerts to notify specific hotel roles, ensuring that the right team members are informed and can take immediate action.

Our commitment to improving your preventive and corrective maintenance continues with Optii's temperature task notifications. Ideal for department managers and upper management, this feature ensures optimal operational conditions and compliance through customized alerts, enhancing efficiency and guest comfort. Stay proactive and informed.

Above Property Report Enhancements

With these enhancements to the Above Property project report, you’ll gain a more granular view of your portfolio’s performance. These updates include the addition of KPIs, now featuring detailed references to the jobs within projects and a total count of project jobs. Additionally, we’ve enriched the reporting records table to deliver more detailed insights into every aspect of your operations. With the capability to schedule automated reports, you can access up-to-date information seamlessly, without the need to navigate to each property. This enhancement supports effective monitoring and strategic decision-making across multiple properties, simplifying the management process and making it easier to gain insights

  • Job KPIs: Access in-depth key performance indicators for all projects, giving you the ability to monitor the total number of jobs at each stage—whether not started, completed, or in progress. This enables strategic decision-making based on real-time data.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: We've enriched our reporting records to include these comprehensive metrics, allowing you to quickly assess the performance of specific projects like guest room preventive maintenance or broader operational initiatives.
  • Job Completion Filter: Streamline your analysis with a new filter that enhances your ability to track and compare progress over time. This feature is especially valuable for evaluating the effectiveness of ongoing improvements and interventions.

Strategic Oversight: Equip yourself with the information needed to drive strategic planning and improve operational efficiency across your portfolio. This enhanced visibility fosters better resource allocation, identifies potential areas for improvement, and supports superior management of your hotel operations.

iOS Sound Alerts Customization

Great news for iOS users (with Android support coming soon): You can now customize your Optii notifications with a selection of alerts and ringtones directly from your Optii profile. This feature allows you to personalize the sound for all notifications, whether they're chat messages or job-related alerts like assignments or escalations. Choose from a variety of shorter alert tones or longer ring tones to match your needs and those of your property. This enhancement ensures that every notification is heard loud and clear, helping maintain crucial awareness and responsiveness across all hotel operations, ultimately boosting operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Other Improvements and Bug fixes


  1. Project Deletion: You’ll now be able to delete projects regardless of whether a job has been assigned or not. Please note all jobs for the project must be in a not started or on hold status in order to delete.
  2. Suggested Due Time: Improved our Suggested Due Time model to provide an even more accurate estimate for jobs due time
  3. Open API: As part of our efforts to continue supporting multiple job items and quantified items, we have updated our API to support this use case for any current and future partner that provides this functionality. We did this while maintaining the existing functionality, ensuring that partners do not need to make any edits to their current calls to our API if they are already supporting this.
    1. Address a handful of issues on our API flow: 
      1. Improved our error messages
      2. Authentication issues
      3. System allowing for jobs being moved to in progress or completed with no team member assigned


  1. Addressed an issue where the activity log was missing the username of the person who added the job
  2. The Deselect All option on Floor Plan is now working
  3. Addressed an issue with repeating jobs where notifications were not  being triggered in the correct monthly cadence


What if I have questions about all of this?

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