Release Notes - July 20 2022 - Version 3.1

Preventative Maintenance is now available!

With our Preventative Maintenance module, our Engineering and Maintenance Managers will:

  • Have a standard and fully transparent view of all the PM projects in your hotel.
  • Be able to prolong the life of your property assets.
  • Easily identify which assets are causing the most problems.
  • Be able to report on Engineering performance and productivity.

ico-feature View All Active Projects

Once given the appropriate permissions, you will have access to the Preventative Maintenance Dashboard, where you can easily see the status of every project, the repeating schedule, the current cycle start date and when the next project cycle has been scheduled. 

At a glance, you will be able to see whether each project's current cycle is on track, at risk, or running behind by a simple Green, Orange, Red Indicator.

  • Green: If % Complete based on Jobs - % Complete based on Time >= -10% but <= 10%
  • Orange: If % Complete based on Jobs - % Complete based on Time > + 10%
  • Red: If % Complete based on Jobs - % Complete based on Time < -10%

ico-feature Add Projects

When adding a project, simply define the project and the repeating project schedule,  review the preselected associated assets by location, and Optii will handle the job generation for each location. 

ico-feature View Project Cycles

.           .   

Once the project is saved, you can see all the job details of the project along with the project cycle information based on the project schedule in read-only.  

If you realize that you would like to make some changes to the name, project repeat cycle schedule, priority, etc, you can simply edit the project.  You can also edit the current project cycle start and end dates.  Lastly, you can delete any project cycles that have NOT been assigned to keep your PM projects relevant and up-to-date.

When expanding a project cycle, you can automatically see which jobs are queued, remain to be done and bulk assign the jobs to your selected team members.  You can also filter the project jobs by team members, locations, and statuses to more easily focus on the relevant project jobs that need immediate action.

ico-feature View Generated Project Jobs


Once a queue job is assigned to a team member, the project jobs will appear on the Job Status and Timeline views with a project indicator to instantly let you know that it's a project job.  

Very soon, you'll be able to filter by project jobs and past-due jobs.

ico-feature View Asset Types


To take advantage of the full power of Projects, we made it simple for you to define and maintain all the asset types, typically by brand or manufacturer and assets by the location in your property.  Once the asset and asset type set-up is done, you can see which assets generate the most jobs, as seen below. 

ico-feature View Asset Information When Adding/Editing a Job That Is Associated with an Asset

If your property is set-up with Assets, when you add or edit a job that has an asset association, regardless whether a Preventative Maintenance Project is created, you will instantly be able to see the asset information when selecting the location.  Optii will instantly know whether a selected Job Item is associated with an Asset.

Want to learn more or ready to upgrade to get access to our latest module? Contact your success manager today!

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Jobs:  Now, you should be able to add a Job that does not have a selected Role.  Prior to this release, there were some scenarios that were preventing users from doing this.
  • Jobs and Chat: On Desktop and Android, if you add an Optii shortcut to your desktop docking station, then you should now see a badge count every time a job is assigned or escalated to you.  Also, if someone sends you a direct message or tags you on a channel, you should also see a badge count on the Optii shortcut docking station.  Soon, this feature will be available on IOS as well.
  • User Invites:  Now, you should be able to add an invite with a previously used email address that was associated with a deleted Pending or Unsent Invite.
  • Multilingual:  If your property is configured for Spanish, then you should receive the email invites and SMS messages in Spanish.  In the future, you will be able to receive email and SMS messages in our other supported languages. 
  • Jobs Status load times have been enhanced to keep up with the added number of jobs being created through Preventative Maintenance.

Would you like to participate in our Preventative Maintenance Checklist Usability Test Sessions?

Please reach out to our Customer Success team, and we will schedule a 45-minute feedback session with you and your team.