Release Notes - May 2021 - V3.0.12

Jobs Timeline updates that allow you to view in full screen and multi-card drag-and-drop so you can get more done faster.

ico-feature  Jobs Timeline View

Timeline View Multi-Card Drag and Drop

Move and assign jobs more efficiently with the ability to drag and drop multiple cards from Unassigned to Not Started and Not Started to Unassign.  You can also use the CTRL key on PC or Command key on Mac to select multiple non-adjacent job cards.

Multi Drag and drop

View Jobs Timeline View in Fullscreen

Expand the Timeline’s working area to increase visibility.

Introduction of Jobs Dropdown Menu

Navigate between Job Status and Timeline views with a dropdown menu.

Jobs Menu and View Fullscreen

Enhanced filtering of department and roles

The department and role filters will now only filter the team members associated with the selected departments and or roles.   You will still be able to see all the jobs assigned to that team member regardless of the job department and role association.

ico-feature  Job Card Assignment Restrictions While In Progress

Enforce best practices and increase protection of reporting data by only allowing changes to Team Member assignment when a job’s status is Not Started, Completed, On Hold, or Canceled.  In other words, if a Job is In Progress, you will no longer be able to change the team member assignment.

ico_bug Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with notifications not displaying if the user is logged into Optii but not in the Chat or Jobs screens.

Fixed a bug that caused an error when attempting to send user invites.

Fixed a bug that caused duplication of department/role records which impacted drag-and-drop functionality in Jobs.

Fixed a bug on location and room types that prevented users from editing/deleting the last record.