Release Notes - September 2021 - V3.0.16

Would you like to get the performance reports sent directly to your inbox?

Now you can... just reach out to our CSM team and they can set you up.  You will receive an email with a PDF attachment such as the one below.   

The dashboard PDF reports have been enhanced to include:

  • Better listing and layout of filtering criteria
  • A legend below the plotter graph diagrams for easier identification of key items 

Note:  In the future, the dashboard PDF reports will include the listing of all table records

ico-feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • You are now able to keep multiple tabs open with different properties and/or modules for better overall navigation and efficiencies
  • Fixed a bug causing our error page to show up when sitting idle on a page for extended periods of time
  • Fixed a bug on the Home Page where the gauge was not showing when the Source and Department filters were selected
  • Fixed a bug when changing passwords via the User Profile, Settings area
  • Fixed a bug around regular and overtime rules for certain employment types
  • Fixed bugs causing the start shift pop-up message to appear temporarily for users without On Shift permissions
  • Fixed a Floor Plan bug preventing updates to newly created room types


  • You are now able to create a job item when editing a job
  • Enhanced the dragging and dropping functionality within the Status and Timeline views
  • Enhanced Job Status view requiring an assignment when dragging a job to 'Done'
  • Enhanced Timeline view layout and overall performance
  • Timeline View: Fixed a bug where team members were not being displayed in certain scenarios
  • Timeline View: Fixed a bug where the stacked card number indicators were not always showing
  • Fixed a bug where the "Save" and "Update" buttons were getting cut-off on certain mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug where the listing of priorities are really close together
  • Fixed a bug on the Job Activities where the assigned name was not being updated when the name changed


    • Enhanced the job assignment push notification so that location appears first 
    • Fixed bugs causing users to get kicked out after multiple consecutive logins
    • Fixed a push notification bug causing users to not get redirected to the appropriate pages after logging in