FAQ: What happens if a Room Attendant cleans a due out room?

This article explains what happens in Optii when a Room Attendant cleans a room that is due out/has yet to be checked out in the PMS.

Sometimes, a Room Attendant may complete a Departure clean when a guest has not yet been checked out in Opera. This may have been the correct decision if they saw the guest departing and know that the room is a Rush Room, but what happens to the room status after this?

Because the room has been reported as Vacant (i.e., the guest has physically left), Optii changes the room occupancy status of the room to 'Vacant' and the room becomes VD in Optii. It will remain OD in the PMS because the check-out has not taken place yet.

This will result in a discrepancy that will display on the 'Front Office Dashboard'. The 'Discrepancy' panel on the dashboard is specifically designed to advise the Front Desk of rooms that housekeeping reports as a different status to what is recorded in the PMS. The purpose of providing this information is to allow the Front Desk to check out discrepant rooms more quickly and in turn speed up turn around times on vacant rooms.



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