Assigning Project Jobs in Optii

This guide empowers your team to take charge of your preventive maintenance (PM) jobs in Optii Projects

How This Guide Helps:

This guide empowers users to independently assign rooms to themselves within their designated section using Optii's Project system. This allows for more control over their PM schedule, allowing you to:

  1. Own Your PM Schedule: Take charge of your workload by independently assigning your Project Jobs to yourself or your team within your designated section.
  2. Boost Efficiency: Strategically plan your PM Jobs to maximize productivity within your designated cycle.
  3. Streamline Workload: Optimize your workload and ensure all locations receive timely attention.

Assigning Project Jobs in Optii

Step 1: Accessing Your Projects

  1. Go to the "Projects" section of Optii.


Step 2: Selecting Your Project

  1. Click on the specific project you want to work on (e.g., "Guest Room PM - Section X").

Step 3: Expanding Your Project View

  1. Once you click on your project, the page will display. Click on your current cycle (it's usually already selected by default) to expand the view and see all the rooms.


Step 4: Selecting Rooms from the Queue

  1. Locate the "Queue" column. This is where rooms needing assignment are listed.


  1. Click on the small square box next to the room number (or asset) you want to assign to yourself.


Step 5: Assigning the Room to Yourself

  1. After selecting the room, Optii will provide an option to assign it to a team member. 


Step 6: Assigning Method

  1. You can perform this assignment using either your device (phone or tablet - The process is the same) or your computer. Both methods are shown within the Optii interface. Please see pictures below:

  1. 2.


Additional Tips:

  • Coordinate with colleagues managing other sections to ensure balanced workload distribution across the entire hotel.
  • Communicate effectively with staff regarding your planned PM schedule.

Learn More About Optii:

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  • Contact our support team at for further assistance.