B2B Reservation different Res IDs but same Guest Name

Learn how can Optii now detect B2B bookings with different Res IDs but the same guest name

It is pretty standard for some guests to book rooms in hotels using multiple site channels, like the hotel reservation system and TripAdvisor at the same time, or book a room initially through one of the travel sites like booking.com and then on the day of check out, extend the booking but at reception.

When situations described above occur, your PMS creates multiple reservation IDs, and they are treated as a separate guest when the interface sends the reservation message to Optii. 

  • Imagine a guest booking a room for the first night (through one of the travel sites), and the PMS system generates a Reservation ID: 1234.
  • And for the second night (booked through the hotel website) and the PMS system generates a different Reservation ID, in this case, ResID: 1234567.

Note: although both reservations are from the same guest, your PMS's reservation IDs are entirely different. 

The Good News!

Optii can detect these B2B bookings or extended reservations when the two Reservation IDs are different in your PMS, but the guest of the name is the same. 

In this scenario, Optii will schedule the stayover clean task instead, and you will sleep well knowing you have serviced the room for the day to your guest. 

What do you need to do to activate this option?

Please send us an email at help@optii.com, and one of our specialised Optii agents will take care of this for you! or contact one of our expert customer success managers at success@optii.com if you'd like to learn more about this option.

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