Best practices when posting minibar charges after the guest has checked out in Opera

Best Practices: Minibar Charges in Opera PMS

In your hotel's dynamic environment with an active PMS integration between Opera and Optii, ensuring smooth post-checkout minibar charges is crucial. Let's delve into best practices to simplify this process and minimize unnecessary housekeeping tasks triggered through the Opera PMS integration with Optii.

OPERA Reinstate vs. Reopen the Folio

When dealing with post-checkout minibar charges in Opera, consider this valuable tip" > In Opera PMS there are two options available for posting minibar charges to a folio after the guest has been checked-out of their room in the PMS. These options are 'Reinstate' or 'Reopen.' Some properties may use these two options interchangeably; however, for properties using Optii, we would recommend using the option of 'Reopen'.

Reopen folio

This feature enables you to seamlessly post charges to the guest's account after checkout without generating any messages in the PMS interface.

Here's a visual guide to assist you:


Implementing this approach can significantly streamline your workflow with Optii Housekeeping and enhance guest satisfaction. We're here to support you in optimizing your operations. Happy learning! 😊👍