Create Your Weekly Schedule in Optii

This article will provide step by step instructions detailing how to create a new schedule in Optii

Let's jump right into it!

● Log Into Optii and Click on the Schedule tab

● You’ll see the message “It’s a new week!”

● Confirm that the dates showing in the calendar box are the correct week or use the > arrow to toggle to the next week
○ Using the < arrow will take you to the previous week’s schedule

● Use the dropdown arrow next to the first department listed if you need to create the schedule for a different department

● Select the department and click on the ‘Add Team Members’ button

● A new box will open to allow you to search for and select Team Members. You may scroll down the list, or type in their name in the search box

Note: You may also filter by specific roles using the dropdown menu -- this is helpful in large departments with Team Members who work in multiple roles.

● Click on the box to the left of the Team Member’s name and click on the blue ‘Save Team Members’ box at the bottom of the screen to create a schedule template for these Team Members

● The schedule template will open up to allow you to add shifts and hours to the schedule

● The initial version of the schedule will be a ‘Draft’ as shown by the purple label at the top of your screen. Once you have published the schedule, this label will be Green and read
‘Published’ (You’ll be able to toggle between views in case you need to make edits, more about that later on)

● To add daily shifts, click on the gray circle with a plus sign, this will open a new pop up box to allow you to choose the shift start and end time, as shown in 15 minute increments. Select the
desired start and end time and click the blue 'Save' button

● You also have the option of adding shifts to multiple days at the same time using multi-select

● Highlight the days that the Team Member is scheduled to work, right-click and click on ‘Add Schedule’ and select the start and end times of the shift followed by clicking the blue ‘Save’ button
○ You are able to use this option for multiple Team Members when scheduling, as well as editing or changing a schedule after creation

● Once you have added the shifts to each Team Member, you will notice that their hours have updated to reflect the total hours scheduled for the individual - noted next to their name.

Note: The Hours button is highlighted in Yellow. If the Team Member is scheduled for more than their normal working hours or for overtime, the button will appear in
Red to get your attention.

● ‘Total Hours’ will also be listed on the right side of the schedule to indicate the number of hours scheduled for the particular role

● Once you have confirmed that all Team Members have been scheduled, you may Print or Publish the Schedule

● You'll receive a pop up notification at the bottom of your screen to confirm the Schedule was published

● Once the Schedule has been published, all Team Members who have mobile numbers saved in their user profiles will receive a text message alerting them that they have been scheduled and
include a link to view the schedule

Important! Any changes made to the schedule once published will result in Team Members receiving text alert updates if their schedule is modified

A few further notes:

○ You are able to Add Team Members to the schedule using this button in the ‘Draft View’ (Toggle between Published and Draft using the up and down arrows)

● You are able to save time in creating your new weekly schedule by copying your previous week’s schedule using the ‘Copy’ function in the Actions dropdown menu

● Clicking on the blue ‘Yes, Copy’ button will automatically copy your published schedule to the
follow week as a draft version


If you have any questions about this report or how to use the information presented in the report -- do not hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for help!