Unleash the power of Optii to supercharge your hotel operations with these three valuable tips!

Learn how to adapt to the new era with our latest stayover frequencies. Streamline your communications with Optii Chat, and stay up-to-date with new housekeeping status with the Front Office Dashboard function in your Optii Housekeeping!

Tip #1 — Adapt Your Operation Easily with Optii! 

Many properties have changed their stayover cleaning processes in the era of COVID-19. Some have opted to clean on an interval pattern, and others upon request only. Does this sound like your hotel? 

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss altering your stayover pattern! 

Tip #2 — Enhance Communications with Daily Briefing Notes and Optii Chat

Some days you start breaking out the house, and you know a busy day is ahead. Let Optii make your daily standup meeting more efficient by allowing your team to take it on the go!

Using the “Update Today’s Daily Briefing Notes” on the Schedule page of the Hub, you can enter important information of the day. Suggestions for information could include: 

  • Total number of departures, arrivals, and stayovers for the day
  • Site visits and site rooms that need preparation
  • VIP visitors - both arriving and in-house
  • Reminders such as lost/found protocols or how to request required items in a room

You could also translate your message to ensure all team members are included in the communication. See more from the Optii HelpDesk here

Once your team reads their Daily Briefings, use Optii Chat to communicate with any member of your team who may need additional support. This could be fulfilling a request or ensuring the site visit room is ready to show. 

If your property isn’t using Optii Chat, request a demo or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss adding this valuable tool!

Updating Briefing details-2


Tip #3 — Be Proactive to Keep Guests from Waiting for Rooms

 Using the Dashboard feature from the Hub, keep an eye on the progress of your team’s cleaning per room type. 

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In the “Dashboard” tab, use the Looking Glass to review a particular room number or room type.

This can be a valuable tool for both Housekeeping and Front Office leadership. 

  • The Front Desk can be trained to look up room numbers of arriving or queue guests. With this information, they can understand when rooms may be ready for amenity deliveries, early check-in requests, etc. 
  • Housekeeping leadership can use this screen to review room types. If there are no rooms of a particular type ready or cleaned, you could opt to begin to rush some rooms to prevent a queue at the Front Desk. 
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Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 12.16.16

Hungry for more tips?


Visit the Optii Learning Center for helpful videos, tips and tricks,

how-to guides, and more. Have a question? Ask your Customer Success Manager or contact us via success@optiisolutions.com