Getting Started with Optii Housekeeping

Welcome to Optii! This article will introduce you to the onboarding process and provide links to everything you need to get started.

Training Videos

Watching our training videos is the first step in your learning path with Optii.  We suggest that Supervisors and Managers watch all videos so that you may support your Room Attendants and that your Room Attendants focus on the Room Attendant video.  Each video has a duration of approximately nine minutes and will cover the basics of using the Optii App for your specific role.  Room Attendants will learn how to use the app to view and complete their room assignments, and Supervisors and Managers will learn how to use the app to inspect rooms and manage their team from the floors.

Links to the Videos

Reminder:  Managers and Supervisors should watch all three videos to gain a complete understanding of the app and to be able to support the Room Attendant team!

What happens next?

Great job in taking the first steps towards becoming an Optii expert!  Now that you have watched the videos, you probably have some questions about how Optii will work at your property and what comes next.  Jot down those questions -- you'll have the opportunity to ask them and learn Optii in even more detail during a webinar with your success coach.  After the webinars, you'll have the opportunity to practice using Optii before the system is put into place.  Remember -- you can access these training videos at any time and visit them as often as you may need.  Congratulations again and we are excited to welcome you as a new Optii user!