How can I send a Chat message to my colleague?

This article will explain how easy it is to connect with your fellow Team Members using Optii Chat on your desktop or mobile device!

  • Optii Chat has two ways to message:
    • 'Channels' allow you to talk in groups with your colleagues based on hotel departments.
    • 'Direct Messages' allow you to talk one-on-one with your colleagues.
  • Simply type your message within the box field, and when you are ready, press 'send'.
  • 'Badge Counts' will be highlighted in red next to messages to ensure you do not miss a message and you can rejoin the chat at any time.
  • To make sure your messages get the attention they deserve, Optii will send a push notification anytime an individual is tagged in a group within a channel OR receives a direct message.
    • Push Notifications will appear on both the desktop and mobile views of Optii. 

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