How can Optii help with our new Covid-19 Cleaning procedures?

This article will explain how Optii is here for you, your team, and your guests during these trying times.

The 3 main changes we have made to support you are:

Stayover cleans can be scheduled on selected days

To keep guests and staff safe, many hotels do not provide stayover cleans for the foreseeable future in order to reduce the potential exposure to the virus. There are always exceptions to the rule that cause the complexity of managing rooms to increase considerably.

Optii has now been updated to handle this new challenge for you when creating the morning allocations.

With Optii you can configure the system to:

  1. Stop all stayover cleans.
  2. Schedule a stayover on an irregular basis, for example, every 4 days (irregular cleans).
  3. If irregular, you can activate an override for certain VIP codes, so that your most important guests still get a daily clean.
  4. If irregular, you can also tell Optii to service rooms daily for guests willing to pay extra. In this case, the Front Office can enter a specials code into the reservation and Optii will take care of it automatically.

Delayed Departure Cleans

To protect team members from any viruses potentially still alive on surfaces the guests have touched, many hotels choose to clean a room the day AFTER the guest checked out and leaving it vacant overnight. With viruses only able to survive a few hours on surfaces, this is thought to reduce the risk substantially.

Optii enables you to roll over these rooms automatically by excluding them from allocations on the day of departure.

'Extra Jobs' Report

During the Covid-19 crisis and possibly after, it is important to have access to a clear audit trail of infections taking place inside the rooms (contact tracing) and this report will do so for you.

We suggest that you set up an extra job for the various disinfection activities your property is undertaking during a room clean and set this to be performed every day. Your attendants then have to explicitly confirm that the disinfection was completed and you can use this report to provide a record of this.  

Even without disinfections, this report allows you to report on any other extra jobs your RAs perform!

The report will tell you the date, time, and room number, as well as the name of the RA. It then tells you how many jobs were scheduled, how many were performed, and what they are.


We know that you are doing more with less and the Optii Success Team is here to help!  Configuration changes make you nervous?  You need help putting a new SOP into place?  That's what we do!  Reach out to a success coach for support --  Contact the Success Team.