Morning Rooms Assignment with Optii

Learn how you can assign the rooms to clean and inspect to your team

Learn how you can assign rooms to clean and inspect with your Optii Housekeeping. In this video, participants will learn to use the auto-assignment and the sections of the uncovered room to allocate rooms with Optii. They will also learn how to use the Optimiser for Faster Turnaround or Highest Efficiency and balance the staff workload to guarantee a successful and productive day with Optii. 

Who is this for?

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Optii Champion

Course Details:

1 Video 

9 minutes 

Configuration User Video available

Roster your Housekeeping team with Optii



Great work in taking the training video on assigning the rooms for cleaning and inspection to your housekeeping team. Remember, you can access these training videos at any time and visit them as often as you may need.

Congratulations again; we are excited to welcome you as a new Optii user!