New Project Auto-assign feature available!

This guide will walk you through the exciting new auto-assign feature in Optii Project, designed to streamline your project management and save you valuable time.

Setting Up Auto-Assign

Create a Project: Follow your usual project creation process.

Assign Department and Enable Auto-Assign: During project setup, when assigning the department, you'll now see the "Auto Assign" option. Select this checkbox to activate automatic job assignment.


Important Note: Optii starts auto-assigning jobs on the project's start date. If you create a project for the same day, you might encounter a message indicating immediate auto-assignment.

Auto-Assignment Options

Assigned via Schedule: This option leverages Optii's schedule feature. Optii will:

    • Assign the project to a specific role within your schedule.
    • Utilize the schedule to select an available associate at the time of project creation.

As you can see in the GIF above, Optii will also auto-assign jobs based on the type of cycle you have selected:

    • Yearly Cycles will be assigned once per Month
    • Monthly cycles will be assigned one per week
    • Daily/Weekly cycles will be assigned once per day 

Remember: For this option to work effectively, the job due time must fall within a team member's work schedule, and the due date/time must be earlier than their shift end time.

Assign by Team Members: This option allows you to handpick specific team members for the project.

Benefits of Auto-Assign

  • Reduced Administrative Work: Spend less time manually assigning tasks and dedicate more energy towards team management and operational excellence.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamline project creation with automated job assignment based on pre-defined schedules and team preferences.
  • Optimized Workload Distribution: Ensure tasks are evenly distributed among team members, fostering a balanced workload and maximizing team productivity.

By leveraging the auto-assign feature, you can empower your team to focus on its core mission of delivering exceptional guest experiences.