Setting up a New Android Device with Optii Housekeeping

Setting up your Android® device to work with Optii Housekeeping is quick and straightforward.

How to Set Up your Android Device to connect to Optii Housekeeping

In this part, we'll walk you through the steps to set up your team's mobile devices to connect to the Optii application.

Step 1: Download and 'Install' the Optii Housekeeping app from the play store

Screenshot_20220525-165956_Google Play StoreStep 2: Enter the property Optii URL 

  • Click on the cogwheel at the bottom right-hand side of the Login screen.

Screenshot_20220525-154339_Optii Housekeeping-1

  • Enter the 'Hotel ID' and 'Server URL' provided by your Optii Account Manager:

If you don't know the URL, please contact our helpdesk team at

Step 3: Authorize your device to connect to Optii on your Optii HUB Configuration

  • Enter your username and password and click 'Login'

Screenshot_20220525-171205_Optii Housekeeping

Screenshot_20220525-171245_Optii Housekeeping

  • Go to the Optii HUB and click on 'Configuration/Device'

  • Click 'Allowed' on the device you would like to authorize and Press 'Save'

Step 4: Enter your username and password on your mobile application again, and you should have access to the Optii Housekeeping application

Need any further assistance? please get in touch with our support team at

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