What are 'Skipped Cleaning Tasks'?

This article explains how skipped cleaning tasks are reported and what they indicate.

Throughout Optii, you will find an indication of the number of  'skipped cleaning tasks'.  You may view this information in the user panel on the HUB, as well as the 'Cleaning Exception Report' and 'Training Needs Analysis Report'.


What does a skipped cleaning task indicate?

The number of skipped cleaning tasks indicates how often a Room Attendant has ignored the order of cleaning tasks on their schedule and has cleaned rooms out of optimized order.  Optii displays the optimized schedule of tasks by listing them in priority from top down on the Room Attendant's schedule.  If the Room Attendant cleans rooms in any other order, this will show the particular task as a skipped cleaning task.


How does this affect the daily operation?

When Room Attendants clean out of listed order, the following implications result:

  1. The optimization is not 'optimal'. The efficiencies are compromised.
  2. The readiness time of rooms indicated to Front Office on the Dashboard is not correct.
  3. Rush rooms and other planning priorities will be incorrect.

If you notice certain Room Attendants with a high number of skipped cleaning tasks for a given day, it is important to speak to the Room Attendants to ensure that they are aware of the effects their actions have on the operation as a whole.  Explain how Optii determines the room order and why it is important to follow the priority order. 

If you have any questions about skipped cleaning tasks or need tips on how to encourage your team to follow the priority order of tasks, reach out to your Customer Success Manager!



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