The Hub: How to read the schedule - defining the colors and symbols

Optii uses the same colors and symbols across all views of the system, from the Hub to the device view. The article below outlines what you will see and what the colors and icons represent.


The various cleaning tasks used on the schedule and throughout Optii Keeper are identified by their color. The colors are consistent on the HUB, the dashboards, and the mobile devices.

  • Orange = Departure Clean.
  • Green = Stayover task.
  • Purple = Turndown.
  • Yellow = Room requires Touch-Up or correction by Room Attendant.
  • Blue = Break or Meeting.



The symbols provide information at a glance on the HUB and on mobile devices.


  • = Butler service requested/scheduled.
  • = task has been paused.
  • = Do Not Disturb is active.
  • = Indicates there are specific Guest Preferences.  (Not currently active)
  • = Indicates guest is departing room.
  • = Indicates a new guest has a reservation for this room. 
  • = Indicates that a guest is departing and an existing reservation is in place for new guest to arrive for this room.
  • = Depending on individual hotel configuration, there may be a VIP indicator or other internal designation to alert staff to provide extra attention special service requirements to a guest room.
  • = There has been a time constraint added to the room indicating that the room cannot be cleaned until a specific time.
  • = A note has been left to communicate information about the room to/from staff.


RUSH ROOMS - indicated with Red triangle on upper left hand corner of room, letting all staff know that this room needs to be completed ASAP.

ROOMS IN PROGRESS - indicated with Black triangle on upper right hand corner of room.  This shows that your staff is actively working on tasks within the room.

TASK CONFLICT - indicated with Red outline of room.  When too many Rush Rooms are assigned or the time frames assigned exceeds the allotted shift for single Room Attendant, the system will indicate a Task Conflict.  This gives Housekeeping department managers an opportunity to Reassign the task to another Room Attendant to ensure goals are met.


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