The Optii Reports KPI

Learn how Optii measures the true performance of your room attendants with this simple formula

In the industry, especially in housekeeping, we all agree that not all Room Attendants are created equal. Some room attendants clean faster, but some are slower, and some clean with a high degree of quality; some miss things.

So how do you determine who the better Room Attendant is while fairly evaluating both quality and productivity?

In Optii, we've made this task a bit simpler and produced a formula that can measure the true performance of your room attendants. Ready to give it a go? 

  • To access the KPI go to your reports in Optii and click on the Room Attendant Benchmark report.

  • Select the dates you'd like to retrieve the data from, and immediately you'll see the KPI as the first data indicator on the table report. Scroll down to see each room attendant's KPI. 

The Room Attendant KPI is a consolidated number that indicates a Room Attendant's true performance and considers the cleaning quality and cleaning speed. 

Like a RevPAR in hotel revenue management, it allows you to make a fair comparison giving equal weight to the quality of cleaning as it does to the speed of cleaning.

For those curious, this is the formula used to calculate the KPI in reports.

The variables represent:

  • v = the variance between the scheduled and actual cleaning time (in seconds)
  • q = the cleaning quality in per cent

How to read when there is a good or poor KPI result?

A Room Attendant who cleans the rooms strictly within the expected and predicted timeframes at 90% quality will have a KPI of '100'. That's a pretty good Room Attendant.

  • A KPI over 100 indicates a Room Attendant cleans faster than expected at high quality.
  • A KPI under 100 indicates a Room Attendant cleans slower than expected at lower quality.

... and of course, there can be any combination of the above...

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